Beautiful Family Portrait in J Bay

We can’t underestimate the importance of creating memories with our family. Milestones pass us by everyday and we need to take the time to take stock of the people, places and moments we share our time with. Andrew and Delana were in J Bay with their family in Spring of 2021, no doubt looking to enjoy the fabled September sessions. Mom Marie was also part of the travelling family and with a newly born Henry, it was a perfect opportunity to capture a reminder of the memories they would have with a beautiful family portrait in J Bay.

The afternoon was, for the most part, overcast, which is perfect for even lighting. Their accommodation was also right on the beach, which gave us an opportunity to do some shots in the yard before making our way onto the beach. It was a great setting to capture the older kids Floyd and Kate along the rocks as well.

I trust as the family grow together the images will serve as a constant reminder of the great time they had in J Bay.