Destination Wedding at the Plantation

Marah is another in a long line of beautiful South African ladies who moved away and lost their hearts abroad. She lost her heart to Michael who’s an American doctor in what can be described as a fairytale romance. You know the one where the Doctor falls in love with the Yoga instructor from across the ocean.

Both in the field of healing, Marah’s more holistic approach is the Yin to Michael’s Yang. Being from Port Elizabeth, Marah was intent on having a destination wedding at the Plantation in Sardinia Bay. It’s one of the most beautiful wedding locations in Port Elizabeth and it’s easy to see why Marah booked the most important celebration of her life there. They were able to take her instructions and turn them into reality from across the pond. The only thing out of their control was the weather, but somehow we were blessed with a perfect day for getting married between what can only be described as variable weather patterns.

Never mind all that though, the important thing is being surrounded by close friends and family and celebrating the beginning of one of the most important journeys of their lives.