Durban Beach Weddings

After spending 2.5 years in The Caribbean shooting only beach weddings, I can say that we are truly experts at these now! Choosing a time later in the day is recommended so that you don’t feel the mid day sun beating down as you commit your lives to one another. Be aware of elements like wind and going for an up-do in terms of hair would probably be the best way forward – unless you don’t mind the wind-swept and slightly wild look… which can work for the beach.

As we are now based up the North Coast of KZN I thought it might be nice to list out some venues here where you can get married on the beach, Caribbean style.

“Ideally situated a ‘step away’ from the sea waters’ edge. Canelands plays host to some of the most stunning and intimate weddings on the northern coast of KwaZulu Natal. With direct access to the beach for that perfect beach wedding, Canelands is the perfect venue for a formal or informal style wedding.”

“Palm Dune Beach Lodge is a rare find on the sought after Dolphin Coast of KwaZulu-Natal.”

“Our new Sails wedding venue boasts magnificent vistas of palm trees and aqua blue seas.The large mirrors adorning the walls reflect this magical scene and surround guests in the most beautiful tropical setting. At sundown the venue comes alive with romantic fairy lights, lanterns and subtle hues of midnight blue…a sight to behold.”

“The Boathouse is perfectly suited to cater for your every wedding fantasy. Whether you prefer to get married on a charming nautical-inspired deck with a breathtaking sea view, picture yourself making your vows on the terrace at sunset, or imagine your toes in the sand on the beach, we’ve got it covered.”

“The ultimate, most breathtaking wedding awaits you. With a variety of venues to choose from for both the ceremony and reception you will be spoilt for choice.Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life and therefore should be remembered for all the right reasons. Whether your style is barefoot on the beach for 2 or black tie in the ballroom for 180, Fairmont Zimbali Resort has the ideal setting for you.”

Here’s one from The Caribbean…

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