Some lovely emails about Kristen and Jonathan’s wedding

Here is an email I received the other day from our Nutfield Priory bride, Kristen. To view Kristen and Jonathan’s wedding click HERE. It was such positive email and I thought I would share it:

From Kristen –
I wanted to pass on some of the comments we are getting about the photos you’ve posted on the blog (below). Sorry no one else has commented on the blog site, but you could always take snippets of these comments and upload them if you’d like! Thanks again – we are just as pleased as all these people and moreso as we got to spend the time creating the memories that go with these great images!

Wow. Your pictures are so beautiful, Kristen! The two of you look so great. I am so happy for you both! So, when shall we get the projector out and have a look at your slide show?!

I’m just now getting to these… but they are soooo beautiful!

Let me start with…STUNNING! Those pictures are absolutely amazing. You were so beautiful!!!! And what an incredible dress. I have to admit that I’m not usually impressed with wedding dresses, but yours was incredible and you looked so fabulous in it! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures with me.

Oh they make me cry they are so beautiful!!!! J The one of you touching Jonathan’s face during the ceremony really choked me up!!! They are wonderful pictures and the church was beautiful. I can’t wait to talk to you and hear all about it.

Lovely pictures, I am impressed – but then with such a lovely couple I had not expected any different.
– Andrew, who walked me down the aisle

Yay! These photos are gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see the full set.
– Sarah, who helped me get dressed and gave a speech at the reception

Wow!!! What fantastic photos – you both look great and the photographer has captured your special day beautifully.
– our friend Claudia who gave the recorded prayer from Uganda during the ceremony

Oh. My. Goodness. Those are the most GORGEOUS pictures I have ever seen!!!! Simply beautiful. Wow! They really, really DO look like magazine photos! I am SO happy for you guys 🙂 – Elizabeth, who helped me get ready and did a reading in the ceremony

Those photos are GORGEOUS!!! You must be delighted with them – they really capture the closeness of the two of you as a partnership. This was so evident throughout the day.

Thank you for sending through the link for the photos – they are lovely aren’t they. I loved the one of you both under the confetti. You must be delighted with them. I thought I might give the website to Tania at Flowers 77 so she can see they get a mention in the beginning blurb. I thought too the comments they made about you both were nice.
– Jonathan’s mum

So a BIG THANKS to Kristen for taking the time to send over all the comments and emails from her friends and family who viewed the wedding on our blog. They can all now enjoy a link to the entire wedding online.

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