Perfect Beach Wedding Weather in St Francis

I’m somewhat fascinated by cause and effect.  Wings of a butterfly and all that.  We have moments in time that take us along the journey we’re on.  Decisions are based on unknown external influences as well as self inflicted certainties.  We weave ourselves towards where we’re headed with no knowledge of what the future may hold.  I have to wonder what factors were at play to bring Janine from South Africa and Diego from Uruguay together in a house share in Cambridge.  Africa meets South America in the UK.  Fate conspired to bring these two together in unfamiliar territory for them both.  Although both have settled nicely in Cambridge, a destination wedding along the coast in South Africa was always going to be their first choice.

It’s no secret that I prefer shooting beach weddings in overcast conditions for a variety of personal reasons.  Lighting is by far the best to shoot in when you have a large soft box filtering the sun above.  To be honest, I was a little concerned about the forecast.  Rain with heavy winds were predicted to descend upon St Francis in time for the ceremony.  Beach weddings are generally done on beaches known for their warm sunny climate.  Great when you’re in beach appropriate attire.  Somewhat of a problem when you’re in a wedding dress and suit and your guests are gazing at the ocean with looks bordering on the inappropriate.  My main concern for the ceremony however, was the wind that was scheduled to batter the coast with 37 knot winds.  “What were our options?” we asked Jean the St Francis Resort wedding co-ordinator.  “Trust me” she replied “The forecast is often incorrect.  You guys are going to be fine.”  Not sure who her connections are, but we had perfect beach wedding weather in St Francis.  Cool overcast conditions with a slight offshore wind grooming the waves gently rolling to shore.

Thanks again to Ernst Ohlhoff for helping out as my second photographer.  Great to have him on board to make sure we cover all the details of the day.

Hair and Makeup by Chantel in St Francis

Wedding Cake by Riekie Minnie


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