Greenwich Pre Wedding Shoot {Fabia and Areif}

3 outfit changes! Yip, that’s right, you heard me correctly. The first was a gorgeous gown that picked up the light beautifully, the second was a deep red Chinese evening dress and the last was a fun, quirky relaxed outfit which suited the cafe and alleyway locations that we found around Greenwich Market.

When I received a call from my talented photographer friend, Marianne Taylor the night before she was due to shoot a Pre Wedding Engagement Session in London, to say that she had tripped down some steps and seriously hurt her foot, I jumped at the chance to help her out by taking on the shoot. A big thank-you to Marianne for thinking of me! Craig was not available for this shoot so I called up Chris Mann who stepped up to the plate and came along with me to second shoot.

The Greenwich Maritime Museum is the perfect backdrop for a wedding and is available as a London wedding venue. Unfortunately we where not permitted to shoot within the grounds or buildings but we did find a great vantage point from Greenwich Park for the creative portraits.

I am absolutely loving the Pre-Wedding Portrait shoots and we are looking forward to shooting many more in the upcoming year. These couple sessions can be done at any time, not just for engagements, we have actually done couple shoots for people who are just vacationing in London as well as doing Post Wedding Sessions that happen a few months after the wedding date.

If you haven’t check this out yet, click over immediately to see this fabulous proposal which was all shot from afar by a photographer using a very long lens. Christine had no idea! Christine is a photographer based in South Africa and her boyfriend recently proposed to her during a Destination Wedding trip that they where on in Germany. And I said YES – Christine Meintjes

London Pre-Wedding Engagement Shoot
Overseas Pre Wedding Shoot London
Pre Wedding Greenwich Maritime Museum. London Wedding Venue.
Pre Wedding Photo London. Creative Overseas Pre Wedding Shoot.
London Pre Wedding Engagement Session in Greenwich, Maritime Museum
Greenwich Maritime Museum Wedding. Pre Wedding Shoot London.
Overseas Pre Wedding Shoot. Wedding at Greenwich Maritime Museum
Greenwich London Pre Wedding Engagement Shoot
Chinese Pre Wedding Photographer London
Asian Pre Wedding Shoot. Prenup Photography London.
London Engagement Session. Pre Wedding Shoot around Greenwich.
Creative Wedding Photographer London
Wedding at Greenwich Maritime Museum. London Wedding Photographer. Pre Wedding Shoot.
Overseas Pre Wedding Shoot London.
Chinese Wedding Photographer. Overseas Pre Wedding London.
Chinese pre wedding photo shoot in London, Greenwich.
Asian Pre Wedding Photo Shoot in London
Vintage style engagement session London
Creative Pre Wedding Engagment session London.
Greenwich pre wedding shoot London
Chinese quirky pre wedding engagement seesion in London, Greenwich
Quirky, Creative pre wedding engagement photographer London
Creative Wedding photographer in London does a pre wedding shoot.

Here is a selection of some of the Pre Wedding Sessions we have done over the past year and a half:

Kimiko & Wei
A cute, natural anniversary couple’s shoot in Hyde Park, London

Jingge & Song
Golden light sunset time Pre Wedding Shoot in Bath

Jingge & Song
Casual style Engagement Session around London landmarks

Lesley & Phil
Amercian couple’s creative portraits session around London

Suzanne & Eric
The quirky “little pink dress” engagement session in London

Suzanne & Eric A fantastical Destination Pre Wedding Shoot in Prague – City of Spires!

Florence & Phil Carrie Bradshaw-esque floaty number for this London Pre Wedding Shoot

Keata & Jason
Vintage Style “A London Love Affair” Creative Wedding Shoot

Dorothy & Edwin
Backlit and gorgeous Pre Wedding Shoot in Cambridge

Jennifer & Joey
See our original Chinese Pre Wedding Shoot which was in Cambridge
Wedding Photographer London. Copyright 2010 Segerius Bruce Photography.

Wedding photographer London. Chinese pre-wedding shoot in London.