Super 8 Cine Wedding Films from Reel Sixty

I have been aware of photographers and film video shooters collaborating in the States and began sourcing a UK based Super 8 Film company who would suite our style. It turns out that Damo Cross, of Reel Sixty is a fellow South African and this is what he has to say about video film shooting:

Reel Sixty is rebelling against that tired ‘wedding video’ look to produce wedding films using Super 8 Cine Film.

I loathe most wedding videos, as do a lot of people. What started as a hobby more than 6 years ago, quickly turned into a popular alternative to the traditional ‘wedding video’. Super 8 has its own unique characteristics, I’m in love with it. This small format is really at the heart of our business, I promote the use of super 8 as part of what I do. Our approach to filming weddings is natural cinematic simplicity. Ultimately super 8 is different and unique, but it’s also vibrant, nostalgic and timeless. It’s not every ones ‘cup of tea’, but then, I prefer working with people who understand the value of using film. We also use Digital Video to capture the full wedding ceremony and speeches and offer this as a separate feature to the cine film montage on the DVD. We edit the footage to music of our clients choice, keeping it clean and fromage free.

My clients are people who have an artistic edge and appreciate the difference is using film for that special look. Most of our client’s are usually converted back to the idea of having their wedding filmed once they realise how magical super 8 looks.

We have also expanded our service to offer ‘family media’. This includes producing kids and family films right through to creatively editing clients home and holiday movies to DVD. See more at

View one of Reel Sixty’s wedding showreels here:

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