Top St Francis Wedding Photography at Rain Farm

Wedding at Rain Farm

A few weeks before their wedding I met Oren and Lindie at Rain Farm.  It was here that I realised their daughter, Ava was in the same school as Saharah and shared aftercare together.  They recognised each other and ended up playing together while sharing a meal.  It was quite a surreal meeting.  Through association we already knew each other.  Although having never met either Oren or Lindie before, I now continually run into them at school when I’m either dropping Saharah off or picking her up.  I hope they don’t think I’m stalking them now.

The day of their wedding at Rain Farm was probably the nicest day of the year.  I know this because earlier in the day I was taking photos of Richard Kidd surfing, and thinking to myself; this is probably the nicest day of the year.  Early winter so not too warm, but the sun was shining with not a cloud is site and hardly a breath of wind.

When I arrived at rain farm I was blown away by the transformation made by Queline from Stems and Petals.  She had taken a relatively ordinary looking room and transformed it into a spectacular wedding space.  This was not lost on Oren who was clearly impressed when he walked in upon his arrival.  It was start of an emotional ride and set things up beautifully for the remainder of the day.


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