Wedding at Eerste Rivier {Chanty & Conrad}

This wedding has to go down as the rainiest, windiest wedding we’ve ever photographed. This fact is pretty significant as we lived in the UK and shot weddings there for 8 years and then in The Caribbean for 2.5 years (including navigating hurricane season!). It took a weather system working its way up from the infamous Cape of Storms to say – hold my beer!

Chanty and Conrad took the day in their stride and didn’t let the adverse weather (that’s the understatement of the year) affect their mood or spoil the special day. The planned beach ceremony got moved indoors and with some creative flair and quick thinking from the bridesmaids and wedding stylist, the beach was brought indoors to the chapel. Sand lined the aisle and driftwood flanked the altar.

Due to the restrictions imposed over the past year and a half the wedding date had already been shifted a few times and they do say that rain on your wedding day is good luck, so that will be plentiful for sure.

The bridal party put their brave faces on for a quick shoot on the beach and we met the couple early the following morning for a next day shoot once the brunt of the storm had passed us overnight.

Congrats to Chanty & Conrad and well done for being such troopers on the day!

Venue: Fynbos Golf Club, Eerste Rivier