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Amazing Beach Wedding at the Walskipper

If I were to script a wedding, it would not be far off the amazing beach wedding at the Walskipper in J Bay that I enjoyed with Mark, Beda, their close friends and family.  These are definitely my kind of people.

Mark and Beda met while doing a few ski seasons in the Italian Alps.  It is a genuine fairytale love story that brought them together.  They both enjoy the outdoors and extreme sports.  Being from Sweden, Beda is a natural born skier and Mark is very much into his surfing and water based activities, hence the want for a beach wedding.  In fact their wedding is the start of a whole new chapter for them as they embark on a new adventure living in Cape Town.

The entire day was quite surreal.  We were experiencing a severe red tide in J Bay, which had turned the sea a mottled brown colour.  The night before the wedding an offshore wind blew the red tide out to sea.  We did enjoy a rain shower on the morning of the wedding however.  This soon cleared and we were blessed with the most wonderful day to have a beach wedding starting at.  Even the wind behaved as a slight breeze was welcome relief from what surely would have been an uncomfortably warm day to be wearing a wedding dress.  We could not have asked for a more striking sunset.  Bright pink and orange clouds spread across pastel skies makes for a wonderful setting.

Video Pierre Gerber @lovestruck