Windy Wedding at Cape St Francis Resort

It was literally love at first sight for Louis and Theresa (Tess), after meeting almost three years ago. Originally from Port Elizabeth, Tess now lives in Johannesburg with Louis. They both love the ocean though, and a wedding at Cape St Francis Resort could not have been more perfect...just don’t mention the wind. The stiff onshore was unable to deter from the occasion though, as friends and family united in celebrating a beautiful union.

Having already travelled in Europe and Asia, they both enjoy travelling in Africa and throughout South Africa. Our seasoned travellers are even enjoying a honeymoon in Mexico and Cuba.

It’s important to connect with a partner who is on the same wavelength in most of what you do. Someone who wants to get out and explore the outdoors, but is just as comfortable having a snuggle on the couch watching a good movie while enjoying a bottle of wine.

I trust both are enjoying some quality time exploring and experiencing another culture, while relaxing into the evening together with good food, great wine and better company.