And so, Merry Christmas!

Wishing all of our clients, fellow photographers, wedding planners, stylists, hair, make-up, cake makers, stationers and everyone we have worked with in 2012 to create beautiful shoots and wonderful real life weddings. Merry Christmas and thank-you to the magazine editors and bloggers who have featured our work. This industry can be as exciting and special as you could ever wish it to be.

Here’s to creativity and exciting ideas. Here’s to moving to a new country where the sand is pure white and the sun is warm on your face. To Craig shooting is own solo weddings and to many more exciting happenings, with more to come on that soon! Happy holidays to all of you and Thank-You for making 2012 so special for us.

With love Chanelle & Craig…

Merry Christmas from Segerius Bruce Photography

More from this shoot to be featured soon!

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