Kayak Eco Tour

Kyaking through the mangroves looking for sting rays and baby sharks is how we spent our day off this week. Craig won an Eco Tour for two with Big Blue at the WindVibes swimming competition a couple of weeks back. It was a 4 hour tour which took us across the channel from Leeward area on Providenciales to Iguana Island which is a sanctuary for, you guessed it, Iguanas. We saw a fair few of those creatures who didn’t seemed too bothered by us at all. We then headed off to Half Moon Bay which was created during one of the big storms. It was originally a sand bank which was then connected to two islands joining them together for the time being. Nobody lives on these little islands and they are perfect for a picnic, snorkeling and a bit of relaxation. The place is truly unspoilt.

We did spot a sting ray first from the beach on Iguana Island and then from the kayak. There was a fully grown adult female along with three babies. So lovely to see! Where were not lucky enough to see any of the baby sharks in the mangroves so we will have to head back there at some point. We are thinking of investing in our own kayaks so that we can head out whenever we feel like it. It was so relaxing, I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend the kayak eco tour for anyone visiting the Turks and Caicos Islands. What a pleasure!

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