Please sir, I’d like some Mauritius

“Have you seen paradise?”
is the question being asked by a billboard as we make our way through departures at Mauritius’ Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport.  After two weeks we had not only seen, but fallen in love with paradise.

Although some may enjoy the act of travel, personally we would prefer if it were eliminated altogether.  We would definitely subscribe to instantaneous travel. Teleportation must surely be the next great invention?
Once checked in the realisation of the situation manifests itself – this time yesterday I was half way around the world anticipating this exact moment. It takes a day or two to allow yourself the luxury of ridding the ‘inner city blues’ and embracing ‘island style’ living.

Jen and Dom are a beautiful young couple who are not only very dedicated to each-other, but to their friends and family as well.  Dom is part of a fortunate group of friends who have always managed to come together at various milestones in each others lives.  Dom had friends from South Africa, Australia, the UK and the USA gather to witness his commitment to Jen.  You can judge a person by the company they keep, and both Dom and Jen certainly keep very good company.

Weddings are an emotional affair as close friends and family are remembered in fitting tributes.  This wedding was certainly no different as tribute was paid by having the parents of Emmanuel, one of Dom’s closest friends, to attend as representatives of a young man who was taken too soon in life. Jenna’s father gave a poignant speech where, through the virtue of Irish story telling prowess, he illustrated a fairy tale-esque coming together of two souls when he and his wife were once younger lovers.  Keeping the family tradition of spinning a well-worked yarn, Dom accepted the invitation by immediately following on with his own speech.

Jen and Dom displayed their non conventional side by having a bottle of Tequila, which Mark had brought from The States, as their alternate Wedding Cake.  It’s nice to keep with traditions and customs, even if they are tailored to suit your own personalities.  This is especially true when the guests are involved, which is exactly what transpired as guests formed a somewhat orderly queue and took it in turns to accept their shots of Tequila which were duly downed. With a cake like that it was little wonder the wedding ascended into joviality.  With friends and family together from all four corners of the globe, it was great to witness a celebration as if they had never been apart.  Chanelle and I were certainly privileged to be able to be a part of such a joyous occasion in the most idyllic location. – Craig

• Destination Wedding held at The Hilton Hotel, Mauritius
• The bride wore a David Fielden gown bought from Teokath in Wimbledon, London.
• Jen, the bride, designed the wedding herself – bringing most of it over from the UK.

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Wedding photography at The Hilton, Mauritius

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Destination wedding held at The Hilton Hotel in Mauritius.

Patrone Tequila used in place of wedding cake!

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The Hilton Hotel in Mauritius, wedding venue

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the Hilton Hotel in Maurtius photographed at Night during a wedding

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