Dena and Mark’s Next Day Creative Shoot

After shooting Dena & Mark’s wedding up at the Hendon Hall Hotel in North London we spent the night at the hotel, had breakfast and all jumped in a cab to Westminster. The next day shoot gave us a chance to have some fun and do creative shots with them.

Jewish weddings tend to be late in the afternoon on a Sunday and being November this meant that it was dark by 4:30pm when the ceremony at the Synagogue had ended. Doing a Next Day Shoot allows time where couple’s aren’t worried about getting back to guests and the stresses of the big day are behind all of us. Thanks to Dena & Mark for letting us be a part of your wedding and for convincing your parents that it was ok to hire wedding photographers who would be shooting their first Jewish Wedding!

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Wedding Photographer in London, couple shoot around Westminster

Creative style wedding photographer in London

Wedding Photography in London, Creative shoot by Big Ben

Jewish wedding couple\'s creative shoot around London

quirky wedding shoot in London

Wedding Photographer in London, creative shoot around Westminster

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