Outside the Church

If there is a receiving line then we will be there to document guests greeting the couple and congratulating the wedding couple on becoming husband and wife. For the confetti shot please check with the venue to ensure they allow throwing of confetti. Some places prefer specific kinds of confetti like biodegradable confetti, rose petals, real flower confetti or wedding bubbles. You may only be allowed to throw confetti in certain areas – like outside the gate! Guests will be asked to make two lines and the bride and groom will pass down the middle – this shot does take a bit of setting up. The couple usually goes from the church in their wedding transport that has varied from luxury wedding cars such as Limousines and Bentley wedding cars to a horse drawn carriage. Some couples do unique things like hire a London Routemaster bus to transport the wedding party to and from hotels and the church or reception venue. We love to see a vintage car used for wedding transport.