Wedding Reception

The bride and groom arriving at the wedding reception venue will be covered. Usually we like to do the family groups at a location around the reception venue. Group shots are first taken in a style of traditional wedding photography and then we usually have a bit of fun with it and create some smiley laughing shots that are more in the style of contemporary wedding photography – that way we keep everyone happy! A list of names should be given to us prior to the wedding day and a list of the group shots should be given to either the best man or maid of honor so that they can assist us. Wedding speeches, cutting of the cake, the first dance, the throwing of the garter and the throwing of the bridal boquete will be captured by us. We have noticed that due to people moving towards non-tradidtional weddings some of these events are left out. It is your wedding so enjoy it the way you want to! At some point during the reception we usually take a break and sit down for a meal. Our coverage resumes and we have fun taking reportage shots of people dancing and generally having a good time at the wedding reception.