Retouching Before and Afters

I wanted to share with you some Retouching before and afters. These are a selection of images that I have retouched in Photoshop for a number of clients including GQ Magazine and celebrity bridal designer, Bruce Oldfield. These are high end retouching techniques and take anything from 6 hours to two days to complete a shot. Some shots include comping. Mostly it shows off the beauty retouching that I specialise in. I do a mixture of freelance work from home as well as going up into London and working at studios. I have been doing pure retouching for about 4 years now which grew organically from my background in graphic design and artworking.

With regards to wedding and portrait photography, any wedding album images will have been cosmetically retouched as well as any images that are purchased as prints, canvases or frames. I like to give the images a final once over in Photoshop and bring out the best in the photograph, whilst keeping it looking natural. I never want people to look at my images and think that it has been overly Photoshopped.

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High End Fashion Retouching
Retouching Before and Afters High End Retoucher
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